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A new era for Momentum

With the world turned upside down by coronavirus, five more years of Tory government ahead of us and the Labour leadership drifting rightwards, we must not give up hope.

We need socialist politics more than ever, and a people-powered movement to fight for it in every community and in the Labour party.

Momentum can be the force to unite the left and drive forward the campaign for a socialist and democratic society in the Labour party and in our communities. But to be ready for the challenges ahead, Momentum needs to change.

Momentum has had many achievements, but over time it has lost its way. It needs to be rebuilt by its members and it needs a new purpose.

Over the past few months, we’ve already begun working on that. Thousands have got involved in Forward Momentum and taken part in discussions across the country to work out the way forward for our movement.

Together we have forged a vision for what Momentum could be: a powerful, democratic organisation that can unite the socialist left and use its mass membership to campaign for change and win victories.

And together we elected 24 brilliant candidates in open primaries to stand for the movement and contest the upcoming Momentum National Coordinating Group (NCG) election.

Our candidates are from across the working class and the movement: A nurse, a firefighter, a teacher, a carer, a climate researcher. CLP secretaries, Councillors and grassroots members. Community organisers, trade union troublemakers, and political educators.

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